DM 10 Kit and Pro Tools 10 HELP!!!!

Hey guys,

I own a studio in Texas and I was approached with a problem I've never encountered before. My studio uses Pro Tools to mix and master. In order to use the software, you must have the M-Powered box plugged in and the only way to record is through the 3/4 input on the front of the box. I usually just record to other devices and import the WAV files into Pro Tools for mixing.

A drummer came in last week using an Alesis DM10 (nice set). I immediately just plugged up the L and R outputs into the recording devices and let him go to town. Unfortunately, a HUGE problem resulted. There was no way to seperate each individual drum sound for mixing. I had a L channel and an R channel and each was composed of all the drums depending on their pan level. I did notice that the set had MIDI out plugins on the back.

My question, how to record the Alesis DM 10 kit into Pro Tools 10, using MIDI, to seperate the drum sound for mixing?
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