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I’m pissed

Do not buy the Strike kit! It is no where near pro quality!

My kit is absolutely junk! Ywo months and ive yet to enjoy it! Fist day, ride cymbal was broke on arrival. Two months and still haven’t received a replacement! First set of hi hats, junk. Second set of hi hats, still junk! Poor build quality! Replaced with better brand along with a new ride cymbal of a better brand. Im fighting foam pillars falling off and over in all my toms! Every gig on every weekend i have to open drums up and repair! They sent me two out of the four replacement pads but sent me the first generation pads wjere the wiire is so tight and stressed, either the wire will break or the plate will crack, which was the initial problems with the pads! So right now out
Of the whole kit im using the 14”, 10”,12” pad and one cymbal. I trigger my acoustic kit cause i get better result. Oh and almost forgot, on my second module cause the first one had so much noise in the head phone output and would make a funny machine gunning sound when playing. Second one froze up on my 3 time in a four hour gig but has been ok since! Every gig im on pins and needles just waiting for the next thing to fail! Take my advice, buy something of real professional quality!
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