I’m Frustrated, Super-annoyed

Do Alesis have a Customer Support department?

So after 4 weeks, and a growing number of customers who have now disabled their QX49 keyboards thanks to the Alesis firmware download, it would seem that either:
1. Alesis do not have a customer support dept. Or:
2. They don't read their own "Alesis Community" site
Either way, they don't seem to have the ability or will to react and help customers with their problems. Not even an acknowledgement of the issue.
The customers affected by this issue have shown remarkable patience, only one of us has swapped their QX49 for a (working) M-Audio keyboard. But that number will grow, and Alesis will lose these people for the future as well.
Alesis - Please do something! You should be ashamed by your response so far!
P.S. This isn't going to go away, and will get much worse if there is still no response or action!
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