Does the new Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 keytar work with Kenton MIDI USB host interface?

Would like to use wireless vortex without cables and without a computer to control synthesizer/keyboard for live onstage performances. (i.e. don't want to connect 5pin midi cable from the midi out on the vortex to the midi in on the synthesizer/keyboard, and don't want to bring a computer on stage).

Previous forums discussed this and people suggested Kenton Midi Usb host interface and IconnectMIDI 4+ as options. But I couldn't find anyone that replied saying that those options actually worked for them. Anyone know if these work on the original Vortex wireless and now for the new Vortex wireless 2 (that is just being released)?
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  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for posting.

    Manuals and detailed specifications are currently being written, and will be posted to our website as soon as they are available. Availability is also yet to be announced; however, many of our dealers are already taking pre-orders. Due to the nature of product announcements (like those made at this year’s CES and NAMM show), our support team will be unable to provide advanced knowledge of features or specifications before they are publicly announced. For the latest product information, please stay tuned to the product pages on our website. For product availability, please contact your local dealer.

    Vortex Wireless 2 Product Page

    If there's anything else I can do to help, just let me know!
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