I’m ripped off and got the run around from alesis techs

DM10X blank screen and trigger quit working

So in feb or March of 2015 i bought brand new Dm10x off Amazon for $1200. I bought these expensive drums because ive had bad luck with triggers on cheap drums so i imagined a $1200 set of drums i should have zero worries at least for a while. Boy was i wrong i only play once a week so it barely got beat on about the 10th time i play em the kick trigger stopped working six months later then when i contacted alesis i had to ship it to reno nevada i believe. So i waited on their shipping box the following weekend i turn on my drums and the module screen went blank. So i contacted alesis and had to contact the techs in reno which ive been emailing about the trigger told them i need another box for module no reply i called no returned calls and i still have all my emails i sent them and nothing no replies hell didnt even get my box. So now i have a $1200 drum set sitting cant play cant get help from alesis amazon couldnt do anything i was taken advantage of and no one even cared to try and help me out i hope alesis gets this and calls me thanks
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