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Double kick for Nitro Mesh options.

I have a Nitro Mesh Kit. I would like to experiment with a double kick, but it seems that the pad is too small to handle a double beater. The module has two expansion ports, which technically are defined as Tom 4 Input and Crash 2 Input. Would it be possible to connect a second kick pedal and pad, and just reprogram the sound to a bass drum? If so, does Alesis or other manufacturers sell those individually? Thanks in advance!
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  • Hello, Chris 

    Thanks for posting! 

    Of course! You have the option of changing the voice on any of the pads on this kit, the way you mentioned above would be the easiest way to introduce a double bass pedal into your kit :) 

    Here is the part number for an 8inch Mesh Kick pad you can purchase from our team:

    • 102140087-A - 8 Mesh Bass Drum Pad

    The USA Support Office is open Monday - Friday,8:30am - 6:30pm EST (not including holidays or weekends) and can be reached at 401-658-3131

    If you'd like, you may also contact us by submitting a support request:

    Hope this helps!
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    I did that. I use a second kick setup through the tom4 input for my left foot. But not before attempting to use a double beater on the provided pad.

    The main issue for me that made the double pedal a no-go was that for some reason the primary kick channel cannot keep up to speed with all the kick-hits. And it wasnt the fault of the pad, (here's my logic) the very next thing i tried was to use a y-splitter for the separate pedals and kick-pads (in order to keep both my add-on channels free for an additional tom and crash...) and still the response was the same as when i used the double beater kick on the alesis pad. anything over 200+ bpm seemed to skip every third or 4th hit.(I'm not advanced in doble kick and still i was too fast for the channel with both feet going).

    So in the end i use a kick setup which i built myself almost identical to the alesis using a rockband pad mounted to metal bracket hardware because i'm too cheap to buy a reasonably priced additional pedal - And i have it plugged into Tom4 like you stated, so yes that works and is a popular solution. If you're looking for a project to take on, I'd happily send you my blueprint and plan for building the kick pad. If you are buying an additional pedal and are a beginner i recomend a "Chroma-cast" value series. It won best beginner value in 2018 and i have both the single and double pedal. It's a great small business type operation and the customer service rocks
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