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I bought the alesis multimix8 usb. It came with a set up dvd for Cubase LE5. My laptop does not have a dvd or cd. Is there a way to download the program online.
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    I would like to help. Yes techs support can. Contact Alesis's tech support to send you a software authorization. I've listed their contact information below.

    Alesis World Headquarters (United States Office)
    Support Contact: 401.658.3131

    Alesis UK LTD (United Kingdom Office)
    Support Contact: +44 1252 896040

    InMusic GmbH (Germany Office)
    Support Contact: +49 2154-81299-20/-25

    Alesis Japan Corporation (Japan Office)
    Support Contact: +81-3-6277-2231

    Alesis South America (Brazil Office)
    Support Contact: +5511 - 3222-6476

    Email Support:
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