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I’m Astounded

DRP100 These are the best drumming specific headphones on the market.

I just have to say Alesis engineers are spot on with this product. I recently purchased a set of these at a very modest price, and was astounded at how good this product is. There is real attention to a drummer's needs that I have not found in any comparable product. Two of the biggest problems I have with headgear while drumming is movement, and the noise created during movement. The DRP100 stays put, unlike any other headgear I have ever had. The design of the head strap in isolation from the tension hoop is just genious. The strap is soft, but grippy and not slippy. Most headsets get sweaty and become slick after a short period; not these, they grip all day without rolling off the back of your head. At the same time the strap isolates all noise you get that tranfers through the hoop on regular designs. I also love the squared earpiece. It is deep enough to not smash your ears and the rectangular design helps prevent rolling back. Now about the cord, it is the right length! When I run the cord down my shirt, it has just the right length to drape under my snare drum and back up to my rack mounted unit, perfect. The sound quality is better than I expected by far. While this is no Sennheiser HD 800, It does have a very accurate represntation of sound suitable for a drummer either recording, rehearsing, or even just relaxed playback.

Honestly I never thought these would be so good, and if my pair fails, the price point makes replacement no worries. I hope this is a long running product. Thank you Alesis for thinking of us drummers.