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DVI Vortex

I am venting and not really expecting any assistance. My old wired Vortex is effectively bricked because I have a new Windows 10 computer. I own one (actually two) Sonivox DVI Vortex software licenses, but cannot activate them on my WIndows 10 machine because Sonivox is no longer willing to support the product.

Like several people here, I was still using the "obsolete" Sonivox DVI Vortex software that came with my first generation Alesis Vortex in 2013. The DVI Vortex software still runs great on my old Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines.

But I cannot activate the license on my WIndows 10 machine. Sonivox cannot (or will not) help me, suggesting that I use xpand!2 instead.

"I'm sorry your can opener is non functional. Please use this socket wrench in it's place."

The recommended replacement from Sonivox (xpand!2) is a great sample player, but the GUI is not at all integrated with the Vortex.

Likewise, Alesis's recommended replacement Vyzex Vortex is a great patch editor and librarian, but does not offer the same functionality as DVI Vortex.

I cannot believe that it is impossible to activate DVI Vortex in Windows 10. The installer ran fine, and the demo version is up. All that is required is a license file.

Thanks for listening.
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