I’m frustrated

Enabling Input for iO2 Express on Asio4All creates buffer overload!

Hello and thank you for reading this,

I've had this issue with my laptop and It came out of nowhere, I've been searching forums for 3 days and I've found no one with this issue, I've even called Alesis and they couldn't help.

Today the problem happened all of a sudden with my desktop as well, which puts me out as a composer until I can get it running again.

Here's the issue:

I use Ableton live 9.6, (but this happens with any DAW that I try) I can not produce a test tone or any sort of sound, so I go to my hardware setup and both my input and output have a blue arrow meaning there's no issue.
But in my taskbar, the Asio4All icon is flipping from green arrow to red exclamation mark.

If I disable the iO2 input everything works perfectly, I can even have an Input from my onboard sound card and output on iO2 and it works (but not at all ideal). Only when I have both input and output on the sound card does the audio stop and the icon flips around.

I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue because when It happened to my laptop things were still ok on my desktop, and it just happened last night.

Both computers are running Windows 10 64bit

Any discussion or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Do you have any other audio devices connected to your computer? 

    Try disabling all other audio devices, like your internal sound card. You can do this in the Windows Device Manager. Under the Sound, Video, Game Controllers - right click all of the other devices and click "Disable" (not Uninstall). Then, reset the computer and try again. 

    The IO2 should be in the Sound, Video, Game Controllers section. If it's in any other section or there is a yellow exclamation point next to it, it's either due a conflict with something else or possibly the EIE itself is not being recognized. 

    Connect the IO2 to a USB port, not through a USB hub. Use a USB 2.0 port. Remove any other USB devices as well to test. 

    You may also find it helpful to use DPC Latency Checker to see if any processes are causing any conflicts on your system. You can download it here
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