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Extremely Low Recording Volume On USB - io4


I've picked up an Alesis io4 audio interface used.

For the most part, it works great, except for the actual audio output. I need to crank the gain to nearly max in order to pick up any audio on my computer, and then, with gain maxed I am also recording some hiss.

I am pretty sure this is not an issue with the mics as I have used them into other sound systems with no issue, and also, they output to the headphone jack loud and clear.

Is there any trouble shooting you can suggest to avoid this problem, or is the interface deffective?
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  • Hi Keith,

    Thanks for posting. Are you using Windows or Mac? What DAW are you using? Make sure your interface is setup properly by going through the audio setup below:

    I would also suggest trying different microphone cables and if you're using condenser mics, that Phantom Power is engaged.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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