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Hi Hat Question:

I am using an Alesis Forge module as a sound source for my Alesis Sample Pad Pro. I've set one pad to be my hats. If I use just the SSP, the hats work correctly (open, closed, swoosh). When I connect the SSP to the Forge module, "open" and "closing" sounds work correctly. But with the "hats" closed, I get sound whatsoever.

I noticed that the SSP gives me 5 objects to set sounds (HAT OPE, HAT MID, HAT CLO, HAT CHK, HAT SPL), the Forge module only 3 (HHAT-O, HHAT-P, HHAT-S).

What am I missing here? Any help would be appreciated!
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  • Have you looked at "voices" in the menu of the Forge module? are both the pad and pedal dedicated to play a hi hat sound? If I so choose, I can get the pedal to play open and closed sounds while the hi hat and pedal voices are set to samples other than hi hat samples. Very versatile module, If not sure, go to menu>voices> hit the hi hat pad to display on the screen what sample is dedicated to that pad. You can spin the wheel on the module until you get the sound sample you want. Then step on the pedal to display its voice and do the same. Your kit wont be permanently overwritten until you "SAVE" it.
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