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I’m frustrated, disappointed, and surprised

Frustration from wannabe customer re: HH and kick pad recommendations

Alesis, great new product in the Strike Multipad! I imagine you will generate new leads /customers. However, this forum is full of old pertinent topic replies not of any use.

I'm trying to decide between a Strike Multipad and a Sample Pad Pro. First time drum pad user, long time drummer. I want to assemble a "full" e-kit by adding HH and kick foot pedals; snare/crash later. All I find are old recommendations that are obsolete and not for sale anywhere.

New prospects and customers need a much easier way to get these answers. I recommend you stop saying to buy products you no longer make. You can't recommend specific products - I get that (sigh - at least recommend your "partners"). But give us better guidance. I suggest you have a new sticky note that addresses all the expansion possibilities and recommendations so we can get excited about the possibilities.

I'm not buying until I can source all the components I require. Please help me become a customer...
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