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I’m concerned

Ghosting, false triggers when not playing.

Hi. I have a Strike Pro Kit and have noticed ghost triggering ever so slightly when NOT playing. I hear the drums triggering by themselves. This is shown on the drum screen with flashes on various drums mostly the snare (others as well). This occurs when I remove the snare plug but disappears when I lower the snare fader. I'm playing on carpet and I don't think it is crosstalk. I have uploaded the new software. Cymbal mounts are tight, all rack is tight. Help!
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  • Hi Jon,

    Thanks for posting. 

    It sounds like you'll need to make some adjustments to your sensitivity, retrigger, and threshold settings. The TRIGGERS mode has settings for each drum and cymbal zone as well. These are already optimized on your module, but of course, there may be some desire to fine-tune based on your playing style. Here is an explanation of each parameter.  
      • This is the most common setting to adjust how a trigger "feels". If you feel like the drumkit is too "hot" or it is too difficult to get softer sounds from your kits, then you should turn this down. Alternatively, if you feel like you have to hit too hard to get the louder sounds, turn this up. 
      • The above is helpful for making quick tweaks to individual drums. However, if you find that every drum/cymbal in your kit seems to be too sensitive or insensitive, you can adjust the entire drumkit's sensitivity with one setting! Press the UTILITYbutton then press F3-TRIGGER. Change the TRIG SENSITIVITY setting to your preference (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH)
      • This setting determines how hard you need strike a trigger to get it to respond. If this setting is too low, you may hear the drum triggering by itself (some call this "ghost triggering"). If it is too high, you may find some of your softer hits are missed.
      • All of that said, this is generally not something you will need to change. The default settings are optimized for your Strike drums and cymbals already. 
      • If you would like to use a different model of drum/cymbal trigger, then you may need to adjust this. 
      • This is the minimum amount of time needed between successive strikes of the same trigger for the second one to produce a sound.
      • If this setting is too high, some notes may not trigger when you play faster or perform rolls.
      • If this setting is too low, you may trigger extra, undesired notes while playing normally.
      • This is another setting that will likely not need any changing. The most common scenario would be for those who like to "bury the beater" into the kick drum head. Turning up this RETRIGGER setting can help remove some of the "double hits" that happen.
    • CURVE
      • This determines how a sound’s volume is affected by how hard you strike it—that is, how responsive the trigger’s dynamics are to changes in your playing.
      • Most of the triggers on your Strike Kit or Strike Pro Kit use Linear as the default setting, which provides the most accurate and natural performance. 
      • This determines how susceptible the trigger is to “crosstalk” from other triggers.
      • The higher the value, the less likely crosstalk from other triggers will affect it.
      • This determines how likely the trigger will cause “crosstalk” in other triggers.
      • The higher the value, the less likely it’ll be a source of crosstalk on other triggers.

    I hope this helps!
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