Ghosts in the machine? Touchless rim triggering

I'm sitting here on the other side of the room from my DM10 X Mesh kit. There is no breeze, and the dog is sound asleep. Nothing is touching the drums, the rack, the pedals, or even the amp.

I have the amp fired up, and every so often, there is a little crash from the splash cymbal assigned to the #4 tom rim trigger. Even less frequently, it will occasionally trigger the china cymbal on the #3 tom rim instead.

I'm not tremendously worried about this, but I do wonder if this kind of thing is a known issue, and if something might be done to quiet the ghosts.
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    Thanks for the posting this. This is definitely odd and this is definitely not a known issue nor has this kit been tied to any "ghosts" or "spirits" unless your house is haunted... Getting the silly stuff out the way, I bet this may be tied to static electricity or your environment. Is there a lot of static near the area of where you are drumming? Is this kit standing in a highly carpet area? If so, try keeping the feet on a hard floor or sold flat material to avoid any static electricity issues. Make sure your power adapter is connected to a surge protector too. Never the less, there's nothing wrong with your kit so you shouldn't have to worry about the kit but its probably from your environment. Some trial and error may need to played here to resolve this. Also, make sure you're using a 9V AC 1.5A power supply.
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