Goedrum GHC Electronic Hi-Hat Controller + DM10 Mk ii Pro

Hello again everyone,

I just got the Goedrum hi hat controller. I read in the questions that it works with alesis.


In my utility settings I have hi setup as either 'pedal' or 'pro-x' And at the moment I have the "hi hat controller" cable plugged into the goedrum and the 'hi hat' cable plugged into the cymbal. So far it is no doing much. I've check around for sensitivity settings and other things. Does anyone else have this controller?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. 

    The DM10 MKII kit is officially supported and intended to be used with the included pads and triggers. While you should be able to use virtually any trigger with your kit, some triggers may require some additional setup, which is not something we officially support. I would suggest connecting with the manufacturer of your hi hat for more information about this and how to configure it. 
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