Having problems with DM6 headphone port

Hi, I have an Alesis DM6 kit (bought it 4 months ago). The kit worked well the first few weeks but about 2 months ago I noticed that when listening to the kit with the headphones, only the floor tom and ride work. All the other components emit no sound through the headphones. I tried 3 different pairs of headphones with the same result. I do see the various lights light up in the DM6 module when I hit the respective component.

When I connect a pair of computer speakers to the output port, all the components work fine. For testing purposes, I connected the speakers to the headphone port and the same thing happened: only the floor tom and the ride work. No sound from anything else.

I upgraded the DM6 module's firmware to the latest and also did a factory reset (holding volume + and - while turning the unit on) but the problem persists.

Is there anything else that I can try to fix this? Not having the ability to play the drum set with headphones defeats the purpose for me getting this electronic set.

Thanks in advance.
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