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Having trouble getting triggers to respond dynamically

I've added the Pinch mesh head to my DM10 Studio Kit snare, and finally have the setting set up for clean response for closed rolls. But, I am not getting the soft to loud dynamics that I know are available. I am enclosing my current settings in hope that you can help me breathe a little volume range into the trigger.
Sensitivity: 99, Function: Trigger
Xtalk Rcv: 99 Send: 01 Retriever: 00 Threshold: 00 Curve: Log4

Edit Instrument
Level: 95 Pan: L05 Decay: 85
Rev: 50 Effects: 00 EQ/Comp: Off
Filter: 99 Type: Lopass

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    Hey Fred, I had this issue in the past. One day I swapped the snare with a tom and the problem went with the snare to the tom trigger. I realized I had a bad trigger in the drum. Sweetwater replaced it. Just curious if you had the problem before the head change?

    I'm using DM10X module and Lu5x14ss snare.

    Under UTILITY, Sensitivity 60, xtalk Recieve 05, xtalk snd 06,
    retrigger 03, threshold 04, Log 4

    Under edit instrument:

    Again, using Lu5x14ss, Level 74, pan L05, Decay 70,Rev 50, effects 00,Eq Comp on, semitone 0, fine tune 00, filter 99, type Lo Pass.

    Layer B=none.

    Velocity>decay00,Vel>filter 00, Vel>level 99, Vel>pitch 00.

    Hope this helps but I think you have a bad piezo in that drum pad.

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