HD24 FSTConnect software Issues

Morning All. I have 10 HD24 units in use for a multi track playback. I need to update one of the hard drives. 2 years ago our Firewire adapter died. We had great success using a standard drive reader and FSTConnect. Our problem is that pc running the FST software died. We have re-imaged a WindowsXP 32bit machine but cant get any of our drives to read no matter what we try. I can see the drive when I use the alternate software HD24 Tools but I cant make any changes to the drive. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  • Hi Jeff
    Thanks for posting. We value you as a passionate and loyal customer.  Your product is one of our discontinued Legacy products.  Please check online with third party forums, third party websites, or you may also contact our tech support team regarding your Legacy product for assistance.  Please keep in mind, support for Legacy products is limited as we mainly support our current in-line products.  Please log on to www.alesis.com/support to get in touch with Support.
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