I need to control an HD24 via MIDI.
I have basic MMC transport functions working but need to be able to select songs

I have seen a manual for the BRC that suggest this should be possible:
but the commands do not work on HD24.

F0 00 00 0E 09 00 5A 02 F7
byte4 is the BRC product ID. Does anyone know the product ID for the HD24

This is the section from the BRC manual:

5.1 Alesis BRC System Exclusive
In addition to MIDI Machine Control (MMC) commands, the BRC also responds to and sends
out Alesis system exclusive commands to access functions that are not addressed by MMC commands.
The BRC has the following MIDI System Exclusive format:

F0H Start-of-Exclusive
00H 00H 0EH Alesis manufacturer ID
09H BRC product ID
aaH Device id# (0..7EH, 7FH=all)
bbH Opcode (0..7FH)
data Data
F7H End-of-Exclusive

This is the command I am trying to get to work:
5AH - Select Song
F0H 00H 00H 0EH 09H 5AH F7H
- 1..20

I have tried product ID's 00h-7Fh

can anyone help?

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