Help! I'm so desperate. How do I make my Alesis iO4 work with my Logic Pro X?

I've been wanting to record my vocal for several days now and I can't seem to find a way to make it work using iO4 with my logic pro x. I'm super frustrated now.

I did put my iO4 as both input and output devices in logic pro x and also selected it as the device for both input and output in the audio midi setup.

I connected my microphone in either CH1 or CH2 and I have all the cables connected perfectly to my Macbook Air. However, when I inserted my headphone to the right side of the audio interface according to its headphone sign there, I don't hear any sound coming out from my headphone. So I tried inserting my headphone in the insert hole under either CH1 or CH2 and I could hear my voice, but it's automatically panned hard to either left or right. I can record my voice but I can't hear instruments and the recorded voice unless I set up the output device as the system one, then I could hear from my computer's speaker. But then it's so impossible to work with this.

Btw, I don't have a monitor speaker. Heavily rely on my headphone at the moment.

If anyone can find a way to help me with this, I'd be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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