Help! Problem with DM10 triggers in Reaper/EZDrummer 2


I went through countless topics on this forum but I couldn't find the answer.

So I connected my Alesis DM10 to PC using USB-B cable. Then I fired up Reaper and loaded EZDrummer 2. The drumkit I use is MetalMachine - Big Room.

I mapped all the midi under Mixer in EZDrummer so that each drum trigger is on separate channel. Please see screenshot 1/2.

The problem is that when I hit Tom 3 or Tom 4 it only triggers 1 tom in EZDrummer 2. Same problem with 2 crashes on DM10. It doesn't matter which one I hit on the drumkit, they both only trigger one crash in EZDrummer 2. See screenshot 3.

I also noticed that when I hit a trigger let's say the snare, the EQ shows signal from the drums not only on the assigned channel but also on 2 other channels although on these other channels the signal is weaker. Like in the attached screenshot 4 which was taken when I was hitting only the snare but same thing happens when I'm hitting other triggers. Don't know why it bleeds onto other channels. I get the Reverb and MonoRoom but I have no idea why when I hit anything on the drumkit it bleeds onto Tom 2.

Also, I have no idea how to add rimshots from DM10 to Reaper/EZDrummer 2.

Sorry for the bunch of screenshots but I wanted to explain the issue as clearly as I could. I have no idea how to fix it.

Can anyone help please with these?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. 

    According to this thread, it sounds and looks like this is a mapping issue with the EZ Drummer software. That being said, I would recommend reaching out to them to see when this fix would be implemented. I've also included a video below that will walk you through how to confirm your module is properly configured within EZ Drummer:

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