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Hi hat cymbal problems

So I have had my Alesis DM6 drum kit for around 1.5 months now and the hi hat is beginning to give me some problems. Firstly, when I try hitting the hi hat with the drum sticks, sometimes it will register notes and sometimes it won't. So when I try and play along with a song, it will register the sound only sometimes and I will miss a lot of notes. And this problem is only when I close the hi hat pedal, it works fine when I leave it open.
The second problem I have run into is that sometimes when I hit the hi hat pedal the snare will randomly register too. I tried swapping out the snare drum with one of the toms but it didn't help. I believe it is because the vibrations from the hi hat are registering on the snare drum but I could be wrong.
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  • Hello Daniel,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help! Have you tried to perform a full reset on your kit yet? If not, please do so to see if your symptoms persist. Power on the module, while holding the + and - buttons. This will restore the factory settings, erasing any recorded data or changed settings, including User Kits, the User Pattern, and any volume, metronome, or Voice settings, which will return to their defaults.

    If your symptoms still persist, please ensure that you downloaded and updated to the latest firmware for your module. You can check that by logging onto the product page here http://alesis.com/dm6.
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