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Hi Hat output over MIDI - not sending correct MIDI codes to Melodics - DM10MKII Studio

I am using a USB output from DM10 MKII Studio Kit into a laptop. Running Melodics or Roland DT-1 drum tutor software. Neither software recognizes the open AND closed Hi-Hat input. its either one or the other depending on the MiDI code I set up. The pedal has no effect on the MIDI code output.
I have used the codes recommend by Alesis but the Hi Hat pedal does nothing to change the code output, as a result the software only detects the open or closed Hi Hat hit depending on what code I program into the module.

I would like detailed instructions on how to set up the module so that both the open and closed hi hat codes are output from the module. or a firmware fix if this is a module issue.

Thanks in advance.

PS Alesis: the DM10 MKII Studio Kit is not even an option in the related product/service check box.
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