Why am I experiencing a high frequency noise with my acoustic Alesis Microphone?

I have problems with my ALESIS coil for acoutic guitare, and i always ear a continuous high frequency noise on my amp.

What can i do to destroy ot ?

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    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! Here's some information that you can use to help you out with your symptoms.

    Noise issues with this, and other USB audio devices, are usually caused by 1 of 3 issues

    A bad USB cable. USB cables are, by design, susceptible to noise. They are often not well shielded, and may pick up electromagnetic noise from the surrounding environment. Also, if the cable is damaged in any way, this can result in interference and noise or no connection at all.

    * Try a different cable.

    * Make sure the cable isn't touching any electrical cables. Reroute it's course of travel if needed.

    A bad USB port. We find that some computers feature USB ports that will not perform well with USB audio devices. While this is unusual, the manufacturer may use ports which do not fully comply with the USB standard for bandwidth or electricity. These ports may still work with a mouse or printer, but when connected to audio devices that demand the full USB bandwidth, they do not work properly.

    * Try connecting the product to a different port on the computer. If your computer has ports on both the front and the back, try one on the other side of the computer.

    * Purchase some new USB ports for your computer. Often inexpensive, third party USB cards will give you some new high quality ports. Desktops and towers use USB PCI cards for expansion. Laptops are expanded via Cards that fit into the PCMCIA slot.

    A poor quality or defective laptop power supply. Laptop manufacturers often do not take into account that users may intend to use their computer as a recording device. When a poor quality or defective power supply is used for the laptop, any audio interfaces connected to the laptop may pick up the noise that such a power supply generates. This noise will show up in the recording. To test whether this is the problem, try making a recording while running the laptop with the power supply disconnected (using battery power only). If your recording has noticeably less noise when made with the laptop running on battery power, you have a noisy power supply. Some laptop manufacturers have offered replacements in response to noise complaints, some have not. Unfortunately, if you are having this problem, you will experience this problem with any USB audio device you use with that laptop. Some users have been able to find quieter replacement power supplies by searching forums online that discuss their specific laptop. Some users have also found that purchasing PCMCIA USB card for their laptop offered them ports that were more isolated from this noise. These can be purchased at any computer store such as Best Buy or Comp USA, and are relatively inexpensive.
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