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How are the sensors of the cymbals of DM6 USB Kit distributed over the pad?

I have recently bought an Alesis DM6 USB Kit. I have found that the cymbals do not respond evenly over the rubber pad region. In fact, I have noticed that at some regions (though small) on the rubber pads where the trigger response is almost nil until hit hard. My question is that is it true that the sensor is actually just sparse distributed over the rubber pad region. I do not think that the sensor is a complete continuous plate inside the pad.
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    Thanks for the post. I don't have any specific information on how the internal pad works regrading the sensors. Our engineers would know that but that information is not available. If your having problems with the pads responding, make sure you updated to the latest firmware on the module. That's where the information is stored. Log onto www.alesis.com/products/legacy/dm6-us... then under the Downloads section, download and install firmware version 06. Make sure you run the firmware on a Windows computer, not a Mac. Try it out!
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