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How can I start or stop a song recorded in Cubasis, using a footpedal or switch w/ IO Dock II?

I'm using Cubasis with my iPad/IO Dock II. I'm wishing to start or stop a recorded Cubasis song, somehow, using a foot pedal. I wish to use this in performance, to avoid having to touch the iPad screen to start a tune. This allows for hands to be on instruments as a song starts.
The IO Dock foot pedal input connection does not work with Cubasis. Have tried & tried. However, perhaps I simply do not know the correct pedal to buy that could accomplish this goal? So,.......
Question #1 of 2: Has anyone out there found a brand of footswitch/pedal that can trigger (Start or Stop) Cubasis to play a recorded song? What?
Question #2: Can anyone suggestion a different method? Such as a brand of a midi pedal or USB pedal, or some sort of controller, that will Start or Stop Cubasis tunes.
Thank You!
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    The problem is with Cubasis, not the IO Dock, most basic footswitches should work. The dock just sends MIDI start/stop messages to the app, but Cubasis does not respond to these types of messages (yet, this feature gets requested a lot and I think we'll see it soon)
    You should post this in the Cubasis forum instead, every +1 helps

    Also, try it with a different app with MIDI machine control support just to verify your hardware is working properly. Amplitube free version has decent MIDI implementation, though I'm not sure this exact case is supported.
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    • Question to Carl B: In one part of your reply, you used the term, "MIDI machine control support". Is that an official term? In other words, is that the correct name for certain MIDI features, such as what needs to be in a software, so it would respond to a footswitch's START/STOP message?
      Part of the problem with my search for info about all this, has not been knowing the "lingo". Is "MIDI machine control support" the right lingo? Thanks.
    • Yeah MIDI machine control (MMC) is an old term, sometimes referred to as Transport Control these days. Probably originated with studio decks that could be controlled via MIDI from a console. It's a sub-set of the MIDI protocol, I'm pretty sure Steinberg is working on it for the next Cubasis, I think they really missed the boat on how many people want to use external controllers with their iPad DAWs. If my Nektar P4 keyboard could do deep integration with the Cubasis app, it would be a killer platform!
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