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How do i import the drum kit that I'm using in the Nitro module into GarageBand so it sounds the same when rendered?

We like the sound of a kit in the module but don't have access to anything similar in GarageBand. how can i import the virtual drum kit that i am using into GarageBand?

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  • Hi Al,

    Thanks for posting. 

    It is not possible to import sounds from the Nitro module into GarageBand. However, you can use the Nitro module as a sound module and play it within GarageBand if you prefer the sound of the Nitro Module instead. Your module will need to be connected to your computer via USB. 

    Follow these steps below to properly configure your module with your DAW:

    1) Hit the pad whose settings you want to adjust, or press its corresponding Pad Select button. 
    2) Press Utility, then press Page/Select until the desired setting appears in the display:
    LOC (Local Mode): When set to ON, playing your kit will trigger the sounds in the module. 

    Within Garage Band, make sure that you have created an audio track, and the track is record-enabled. 

    I hope this helps! 
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