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How do you eliminate SR 16 Distortion and restore erased factory pre-set patterns

I have an Alesis SR 16 (mfr date 3-17-2000). All of a sudden it started producing distorted sound on all patterns and percussion pads. After replacing cords, checking power supply and trying different amplifiers, I checked a web-site that suggested I try a device re-set; I only managed to erase all pre-set patterns; distortion remains. Someone else suggested replacing the internal 3V lithium battery; I bought the battery suggested only to find the battery is soldered in place. Insult to injury--the battery I was told to buy (CR 2032) is not the same as the one in the machine : (
1. Any suggestions for getting rid of the distortion? Will replacing the battery fix it? If so, where can I take it (reside in Colorado) 2. How do I restore the erased factory pre-set patterns?
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