How do you get DM7X to work with Tracktion and MTPowerDrumKit? Module not acting like MIDI controller.

Help. How do I set up the Alesis DM7x to play with Tracktion? I am working with a youtube video here: showing how to download and install Tracktion and MTPowerDrumKit.

Everything seems fine until I tap at any drum pad. What is supposed to happen is that on the Tracktion screen each time I tap a pad the keyboard along the bottom of the screen is supposed to have a key turn orange. This does not happen even though I am getting the regular module sounds through my speakers.

What I am supposed to be getting is the MTPowerDrumKit plug in sounds but I am not. My drums I guess are not acting as a MIDI controller. Why? What is the solution to this problem?

Other than that all the other things in the tutorial looked all right. The module shows up in the lists like it says in the video tutorial but I can't get the module to make the MTPowerDrumKit sounds.

Thank You.
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