How is the level of the GuitarLink USB guitar cable?

I'd like to buy this product, the GuitarLink cable, which plugs into a guitar, converts its signal to digital, and sends it directly to USB.
My only problem is that my electric banjo (Gold Tone EBT) often has a lower signal output than standard electric instruments. I see no information on changing gain, or whether the device even has a preamp circuit. I'm guessing it does not...
I already have a Zoom that does AD pretty well, but it's inconvenient and I have hum issues. It would be nice to have something designed just for this, but the GuitarLink is advertised as taking "line level", i.e., from electronic synths, which most definitely have a much higher output than my instrument.
Again, I'm guessing that this product doesn't have any way to adjust analog gain, because it would probably be mentioned in the promotional material; but it's worth asking!

Thank you!
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