How should I connect my Strike Zone cymbals to my Geodrum module?

Hi all. I really wish I had not bought this kit..... To be fair its been winter in England for about 7 months, which is not conducive to me wanting to go into a cold garage to play the damn thing. If it only worked properly....... I have bought a Geodrum module but it still just does not work as it should. THe Bass drum lacks volume, and the Crash sounds like a bin lid. If I can get these things sorted Ill be fine , but I'm just hitting a wall, Literallly !!!!!!. Let's start with the crash. I have the strike Zone kit. One Crash not three, therefore two redundant jacks ( Crash 2 & 3 ) would plugging one of these redundant jacks into my one crash cymbal give me a different sound ???. The Bass drum. How do I improve the volume ? And finally the Bain of my life The Hi Hat. I have put on a Geodrum module, does this mean I only now play with one hi hat cymbal now, and how do I wire it up ???? I need some help here guys, I am 60 yrs of age and not that clued up on electric kits, I 'm in the process of changing my drum tutor next week and have nothing to practise on. PLease Help. Many Thanks.
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