How to connect a pro x hi-hat to a strike pro multipad?

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  • I couldn't locate any specific instructions for doing this and I haven't received the multipad yet. (I did the pre-order and the next day they were in stock at the store..pre-orders are shipped)
    I think the intentions were for using the RealHat (continuous/variable) or the DMHat (on/off/open closed/switch type)

    You could try the following:
    Connect the Hi Hat to external trigger "1"...
    Press the F3–Triggers
    Ext trigger:TRIN1

    This trigger is the only one that can be set to velocity or switch (variable or fixed) range of velocity values.
    My guess would be (if) it's connected to the HH pedal which can be set to Variable or switch.(continuous or open/closed).
    It is also only single zone.. so it could be for a kick drum.
    The external triggers may have to be piezo so if you used cymbals/hi hats with piezo/switch as a trigger they would only be single zone.

    Connect Hi Hat controller/pedal to "HH"
    (it's next to the triggers on the back of the module,but it's actually for a controller/pedal)

    Press the F4–Pedals button:
    Set Pedal: HH
    Set type: Variable
    Set HH to: Op Pos / Cl Pos (adjust velocities for Open and closed 0-127)

    Assign Hi Hat samples to TRIN1..
    I see Preset categories HiHats Acoustic, HiHats Electronic.

    I don't know how the HH pedal input is related to the pads or Ext triggers.
    It may be connected/assigned to all....just the pads.... the pads and one external trigger.A drum module has the HH pedal/controller input connected to one trigger input (HH).

    I didn't read where you can assign a pedal in the Ext triggers.

    You'll know right away if it works or not...more than likely just for the RealHat/DMHat
    If the Pro-X or STRIKE Hi Hat were compatible I am sure Alesis would have advertised it.
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