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How to load sounds onto my Sample Pad Pro

Hi There,

I would like to say that this Alesis Sample Pad is too hard to use.
I've never seen a complicated system. But let's go.

I have a mac with yosemite (10.10.5). Do i need to download any file to load sounds from my computer? I can not understand how can I create kits and put names that i wish and put sound that i wish. Could you help me please?

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  • Hi Macaxeira,

    Thanks for posting. I'll be happy to help!

    Please review the Basic Operations, found on page 5 of the included Quickstart Guide. This will walk you through how to select a kit, assigned a sample to a pad, and talk about velocity layers. I have included the steps below, for your convenience: 

    The SamplePad Pro also gives you the ability to load custom samples that can be played from your SD card. You cn download the SampleConverter Utility software from the Product Page under the Docs and Downloads ´╗┐section on This will automatically convert your files into the format that the SamplePad Pro needs to read them. I have also included the sample file requirements below:

    Hope this helps!
    • No it doesn't help. I can't believe that there are no clear instructions on how to format and how to get samples onto the card and then into the unit. I should not have to search through forums for this. Each step should be listed in the manual. I am very frustrated about this.
    • Doesn't look like anyone is interested in answering your question.

      So, I'll give it a shot. I am not sure how one would necessarily go about organizing a kit to load onto the unit, but making one within the unit is cumbersome, but not too difficult.

      Load whatever sample you so choose onto a SD card in the root menu (ie, not files, just load the samples on to a standard SD card.

      From there, once the sounds are on the card and it is in the unit, create a USER KIT by going into the "SAVE" function and "COPYING" a kit. Once that is complete, go to that USER KIT (KIT 11, labeled USER KIT 001) and start altering the pads to your liking. To load a sample from the card, move the cursor over to "LOC." Once there, press (I believe...) the LEFTHAND ARROW. Change INT to CRD. It will give you the VELOCITY LAYER-option the above individual mentioned. Pad by pad, select the sample as the sound option for LAYER A. After each alteration, for safety, use the "SAVE" option to back up your kit. The USER KITs are saved to the SD card.

      It took some trial-and-error, but this seemed to work. I have yet to attempt altering anything via hardwire, for another day perhaps.

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