How to MIDI connect Roland TD-6 to Sample Pad Pro

MIDI connect Roland TD-6 module sounds to Alesis Sample Pad Pro. I trying to trigger sounds from the TD-6 unit on the Sample Pad Pro.
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    In order for this type of setup to work, you will need to connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out port on the SamplePad Pro to the MIDI IN port on the TD6. Follow these steps below to configure the MIDI Send option on the SamplePad Pro:

    1. Press and hold the Cursor Up and Cursor Left buttons for two seconds. 
    2. Using the CUrsor buttons, navigate to MIDI, then press Cursor Right to enter the Sub Menu. 
    3. Navigate to Send Channel, and use the Cursor buttons again to select the desired MIDI channel. 

    The options available within the MIDI section and what they do will be available on page 9 of the reference manual. For your convenience, I've also included that information below:

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