How To Save Personal Drumkits?

Hello folks. I have recently acquired a second hand DM10 drum kit, but unfortunately it did not come with the instruction manual. I have managed to download a copy of it. That isn't really the issue though. Please excuse me if I appear dumb. I have had a stroke and my ability to learn, understand and retain the information in instruction manuals is diminished to a certain degree. Sometime I need things putting in laymans terms. In any case I am wanting to save a personal drum kit that I have made, but whenever I hit the store button it kicks me out. There is a way of overriding it, but that is where the manual isn't clear. Could someone give me a walkthrough? As I said, please excuse me. Thanks for any help you can give. Malc
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  • Hi Malc,

    Thanks for posting and congratulations on your purchase!

    What do you mean when you say the module kicks you out? Can you please provide me with some additional information? Are you prompted with an error message of any kind, or is something else happening?

    In order to save custom kits and settings, you will first need to disable Write Protection. To disable Write Protection, follow these steps below:

    1) Press the Utility button.
    2) Press F4 (SYS).
    3) Press F3 (O/S).
    4) Press F4 (MEM).
    5) Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the WritProt field and then turn the VALUE/TEMP dial to toggle the selection to OFF.
    6) Press the STORE button. The screen will display "Store Settings?". Choose F1(YES). This will store any settings you have changed during this session with the module.
    7) Press the DRUM KIT button to return to the main page. Check out this video for a walkthrough of this.

    After disabling Write Protection, follow these steps to store your kits and their settings:

    1) Press DRUM KIT to enter the main screen.
    2) Press STORE. A new page will ask you to select DRUM KIT (F1 or F2) or INSTRMENT (F3 or F4).
    3) Press DRUM KIT (F1 or F2). A new page titled "Store Kit" will appear.
    4) Use the CURSOR UP / DOWN buttons to highlight the "From" field of the window.
    5) Use the VALUE UP / DOWN buttons or VALUE DIAL to select the Kit you want to store.
    6) Use the CURSOR UP / DOWN buttons to highlight the "To" field of the window.
    7) Use the VALUE UP / DOWN buttons or VALUE DIAL to select a location to store the Kit. You can store it in any Kit number, though there are 100 empty User Kit slots (#100- 199) to choose from.

    * If you want the kit you're copying to keep the same name in its new location, press COPY (F2).
    * If you want the kit you're copying to use the name of the kit currently occupying the TO field, press STORE (F3 or F4).
    * If you want to rename the kit you're copying, press NAME (F1). Use the VALUE UP/DOWN buttons or VALUE DIAL to scroll through the available characters, and use the CURSOR < and > (F3 and F4) buttons to move the cursor. Press OK (F1) when you are done entering a name, press STORE (F3 or F4).

    8) After these steps, a window will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Press CANCEL (F2 or F3) to cancel storing or copying the kit. Press YES (F1) to store/copy it.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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