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How to setup NanoVerb 2 with my mixer?

hello I have a Alesis Nanoverb 2 I'm trying to connect it to a Yamaha MG12 mixer but don't understand the instructions could someone help me understand as I can't get any reverb
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  • Hi William,

    Please follow the steps below to configure your NanoVerb 2 with your mixer: 

    1. First set your mixer's input levels appropriately, following the instructions for the mixer.
    2. Turn up the mixer channel's AUX SEND to about 12 o'clock.
    3. Play your audio.
    4. Turn up the NANOVERB 2's [INPUT] level until you see the [SIGNAL] LED turn red; then reduce it
      slightly until the LED doesn't flash.
    5. Depending on the input sensitivity of the mixer's channels or Aux Returns, the [OUTPUT] knob of the
      NANOVERB 2 should be set between "2:00" and fully clockwise ("5:00").
    6. Turn up the AUX RETURN level until you get the desired level of effect in the mix. If you want "just a hint" of
      reverb, turn down the Aux Return. Leave the input levels where they were set in step 4, unless you see the
      [SIGNAL] LED flash. You'll want to experiment with these settings to get the sound you want.
    Hope this helps!
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