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How to use Alesis MultiMix Firewire 8 and 16 with OS 10.12 Sierra

Thought I'd help anyone struggling with getting these great little mixers to work with the latest MacOS .. here's what I did.

(A link to my Dropbox containing the two files I used below.)

1. Download and run Kext Utility
2. Download AlesisFirewire.kext
3. Drag and drop AlesisFirewire.kext into Kext Utility and let it do its thing
4. Restart your computer into Recovery Mode (restart and wait for the computer screen to go completely black. Then press and hold 'Command' and 'R' and don't let up until you see the Apple logo)
5. Open Terminal and type csrutil disable
6. Restart your computer

Working perfectly with my MacBook Pro (15 Inch Early 2011) running MacOS Sierra 10.12 and Adobe Audition Creative Cloud.

credit to Joshua Gunty for the idea that got me half way there and to Maetis with the tip to disable CSR Utility to push it past the goal line.

Here's a link to my Dropbox with the Alesis kext and Kext Utility


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