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I’m thankful

I am really digging the DM Lite!!

After a few days and having the pads already look "broken in" and used severely i feel safe to say that I really like this kit. I've never owned a drum kit, I've never learned drums. I have been producing for 15 years and all of my experience with drums have been with manually programming them in a step sequencer or recording midi performances on keyboards and drum finger pads. I have beats in my head all the time. I always wanted to play rock band with a drum controller but never bought a rock band drum controller.

My girlfriend got this for my birthday and I really like it. The samples on it will get you by, it's enough to sound like a kit and it really feels like playing drums (even though i've never actually played drums). The technical part of my brain is hearing how this will perform as a MIDI Controller. I think most of my use of this will be practicing with the built in sounds till I'm good at drums, and once I'm good at it I'd like to record my performances (as well as the performances of seasoned drummers) with Addictive Drums and FL Studio. Since Addictive Drums has a really advanced keymap I'm sure there's a guide out there with the best way to map digital drum kits to have the DM lite feel like it does on it's own sounds but using Addictive drum sounds.

The structure of the plastic hardware seems really stable, I really hit these pads hard at times and it's a matter of angling the front legs closest to you to be a bit lower I find to make really hard hits not make the kit fall back. I'm a pretty big dude and I was scared of that happening at first, everything can be placed wherever you want on the hardware. you can put pads in different places, switch pads with other pads, slide each piece holding the pad left and right. I think I might actually end up putting the left arm in a way where the arms to the hi-hat pad are on the far left, then the snare, and then having the module between the snare and the leftmost tom pad. It's really cool that this thing comes set up already but also that you can put everything where you want it if you want to try different placements.

Every pad is really sensitive, some pads like the cymbals have different samples depending on volume so if you tap the ride it has that gentle splish splish sound but if you really wack it it sounds more like a crash cymbal, which i'm pretty sure is exactly how a real ride would react to different levels of stick force. I haven't had any issues with my kick pedal, if i stomp it lightly there's a light sound, if i slam it it really punches. The pedal itself seems just as sensitive and responsive as the other pads. There's so many bad reviews from people that seem to be more confused (and needlessly angry) than anything so I feel it's necessary to claim that this kit is just as awesome for people looking to learn how to use it and abuse it as it seems to be terrible for people without patience or an eagerness to learn. As soon as I found out my girl got me an Alesis brand digital drum kit I was very excited. Long ago I really dug the sounds of the SR-16 at instrument stores, always wanted to get one, and I almost got one I saw at best buy by ION that has an unbranded SR-16 as the drum module. Anyway I finally have a digital drum kit and I love it! This kit is a blast to play once you figure it out!!