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I’m frustrated

I can not feel any velocity curves differences after sending presets.

Hi, I hope someone could help on here..
I am getting mad with this...

I am resigned to play like this but something is wrong...
I don ́t have 127 full velocity, but my keys are quite strong sound when pressed, and to make soft sound in the piano for example, it is quite a nightmare...
The keys are too responsive, but this is not the problem, the problem is that I am going to Editor for Alesis, I set the curves and then send the presets and ANYTHING changes... It is frustrating.. there is no difference between setting curve 8 and curve 1... It just stay all the time with the same sound, so I can not choose what I need, it is just frustrating...

I set editor with Alesis Editor (in) and Alesis editor (out) the only combinations that doesnt send me a communication error.. So I asume, that is the correct configuration to send and receive hardware presets...

Can someone clear to me what is going on in here or how I could really make a test on the velocity in Logic Pro or Reason? There is no difference in pressure sound setting all 8 different curves...
I really can not play softer piano parts when I need, and is not sounding cool.. it is not nice..

I hope someone could help to perfor test or whatever. I have a Macbook, last IOS and Logic and Reason. Alesis Vl61
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  • Hello, Dany

    Thanks for posting! 

    Sorry to hear you are having a tough time with the velocity curve on your keyboard. Have you already ran through this setup article from our web site? You may not be sending the preset properly or missing a step causing the keys to remain "too sensitive." Make sure all other music software is closed when using the editor, if Logic or Reason is open it may cause the keyboard to receive the new preset. 

    Here is an article link:
    Hope this helps! 
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