i can't find out how to assign my sample pad in live

got the sample pad linked on my cakewalk sound card.

midi mapping in ableton seems not working.
what am i overlooking
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    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help. The SamplePad transmits standard MIDI messages from its MIDI OUT port. Any program capable of handling MIDI will recognize and respond to these MIDI messages the same for any MIDI devices.

    If you have a MIDI interface for your computer, such as the Alesis iO2 Express, or the Alesis USB-MIDI Cable, you can connect the MIDI Output port on the SamplePad to the MIDI Input port on your interface. With the interface connected to the computer (and configured to work with your software), any strikes on the SamplePad will be transmitted as MIDI notes into the software or virtual instrument on your computer. You'll have to manually MIDI map this in the Ableton software.

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