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I have a dm10 x mesh kit and i like it

Like the title : i have a dm10 x mesh kit and i like it. Here on the forum there are a lot of people with problems, with their kits of with samplers ... A lot of these problems are also user errors and Alesis isnt that bad i think.
The things i like on my dm10 are the feel of the mesh heads, the size of the pads, the way it triggers al the hits, soft or hard, the minimal delay, the price, the sturdy rack. The only thing i dont like are the sounds the module produces. But i use as vst Superior drummer so the internal sounds are no issue anymore. I think anyone serious to music should use a vst and get away of the internal sounds. This week i had the chance to change my kit with a td-11 from roland also with mesh pads and i had the chance to buy very cheap a td-25 roland module. I skipt both, why? First of all, if i had the td-11 the pads are small, it will cost extra money to buy a second crash and a extra tom pad + the module has a connection to short. And about the td-25 module, i dont now if it all works together. The td25 is a beautiful module and the sounds it produces are way better than the dm10 module but still not real enough and i should use superior drummer also.
My conclusion : it works very good now, so why change it?
Am i the only one who likes his alesis stuff?
You get what you pay for, and with the dm10 x mesh is it alot. I'm happy. Well done Alesis!
  • Hello Kris,

    Thanks for the post. Thanks for the feedeback!

    First, lets correct some information for future users who read this post. With the DM10 module, you cannot load your own kits or samples to the module. That is a limitation to the hardware. Now if you want to connect the module to a computer via USB, you can certainly trigger any custom sounds with your kit in a VST or DAW, hence VST's like Superior Drummer. Proper setup is needed to correctly use the DM10 with a DAW or VST.

    If you updated your DM10 module to the Bluejay Sound Set, customers may of noticed that some triggers no longer have an instrument assigned and are not triggering any sounds. There's no need to worry. This guide walks through a few simple steps you can take so that you can get to playing with the new Bluejay sound set quickly and easily.

    We appreciate your input and if you need some support on setting up your DM10 module with your software, please let us know and we can help you out.
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