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included ableton software

hi I was wandering, is the able-ton that comes with the hardware the same as the free one you can download from google? or is it better in any way? for instance is the more effects? is it longer then 30 days? Im curious because I purchased an alesis vi49 and i didnt receive the exttra stuff. I actually didn't receive anything, not even a box or a manual. Guitar Center sold me the demo version and failed to tell me about the software id need to maake it easier. shoot they failed to do a lot of things, which beens im already asking a question can you also tell me if the demo version has any downfalls as to the regular? I was so excited about this product and ive had it for over 2 weeks and havent been able to do anything with it, i literally have download a million programs and plugins, ive ordered multiple cords off amazon, but i have never used a midi controller so without directions or a guide of some sort, and from what the totorials on youtube and google say i need the ableton software. sorry this is so long im just frustrated, i just lost my home to a big fire we had up here in northern ca which also wiped out our entire town and a lot of loved ones. this vi49 is what i picked out as a cheer up present from a good friend of mine and so far its seemed to only bring me down further. please helpppp
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