Individual pad has lost it's sensitivity for my DM Lite kit

After happily pounding away on my 4 drum pads, one of them now only responds to direct hits to the center (lite or hard, only the center responds in both sound and light display).

I have tried swapping pads but it is not the location or the wiring but the pad itself.

Is there possibly something that has come loose within the pad that I can repair or does it need replacement? It's only been about a month so it's probably still in warranty.
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  • Hello Mark,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! It sounds like you may have an issue with the actual pad. There are a number of parts available for this kit. You will find the part numbers and their description below. Contact Alesis at or call the Alesis Parts Department at 1-401-658-5760 Ext 1407 for a replacement part.

    102150148-A Cymbal Pad with Blue LED
    102370037-A Cymbal Clamp
    102130143-A Drum Pad with Blue LED
    102370027-A Drum Clamp
    102170069-A Hi Hat Pedal
    102170070-A Kick Pedal
    1021801090-A DMLite Module
    6281301030-A Cable Snake
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