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Intro Count for SR 18

I just got a SR 18 drum machine. I leaned on this form that the unit does not have a intro count into a song. (There is no 1, 2, 3, 4). This really makes the unit worthless for live play and rehearsal. How can I start the drum machine and start playing at the same time? I bought this because people really seemed to like it. So I must be missing something. How does everyone cope with the lack of an intro count?
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  • Hello, Rex

    Thanks for posting! 

    I would recommend using a footswitch to Start/Stop the patterns from playing :) This way you can come in at the right time when playing in a live scenario. 

    Here is the footswitch we recommend: 

    Please see this section of the user guide on what functions you have with the footswitch:

    Hope this helps! 
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