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I’m frustrated

Io4 mic gain / distortion

Hi there,

Just got the io4. Guitar input seems absolutely fine but I'm noticing a LOT of distortion on the mic input which is probably due to the fact that the gain knob only seems to have any impact once the it is turned to about 75%.

Tried this on several mics, shure, AKG, Beyer etc. for all mics where I'd normally have gain at 50% for a clear signal I get no signal at all at the 50% mark, a good volume but distortion at the 75-80% mark.

There's no clipping on the LEDs and I'm using tested cables etc.

This level of distortion makes this unit unusable for live gigging and recording. Are you aware of this problem more widely / releasing a firmware update to correct the gradient of the gain knob?

(having researched this I see a number of reviews with the same issue, wish I'd seen them before!)
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