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IO Dock doesn't connect

Today I bought a brand new Alesis IO dock.
I'm using an Ipad 2 with IOS 5 and I updated the firmware to 1.0.7.

At first nothing worked, so I started checking this forum. I updated from 1.0.5. to 1.0.7. and checked how to setup your video output. The problem is, the only thing working consistently is the video out. The IO itself is almost always recognized by the ipad in Settings -> General -> About. But that's about it.

After trying different ways of connecting (example: ipad on standy by, inserting into IO, turning on IO), I actually made a connection and had signal coming out of my headphones and monitors through the outputs. But it has a mind of it's own and connects whenever it wants (or doesn't). And when it works, it can disappear anytime.

When you listen in the headphones the mic-input with de direct 'on', the sound is OK, when you record a mic through the mic input (when it actually works), it's horribly crackling.

I noticed that everything works OK when I hear the 'connect'-sound (the same sound you hear when you connect your ipad to a computer). Only then is my ipad is charging as well.
But that's a very rare occasion. Sometimes the ouputs and inputs work, when the ipad is not charging, but disappears quickly after.

Is this a software or a hardwareproblem?
If it's hardware, let me know so I can return it.
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