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I’m frustrated

IO dock still hissing after firmware and ios 5.1 updates

I updated the firmware of the IO dock and yesterday I installed the newly released ios 5.1 update on my iPad 2. The ear-drum killing popping and dropping of the signal appear to be fixed but I still cannot get a clean/hiss-free sound out of any app. I have disabled the crosstalk option in Garage Band and have tried everything I can think of. If I can't find a trustworthy solution to this problem within the next 72 hours, I'm going to give up on the product and pursue a refund. It's the xmas gift that keeps on giving. But that gift is frustration and I've had my fill for the year already.

Symptom: Constant noise through headphones in monitor and recording mode.
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  • Hi All,
    I Finally got my Insert.
    Thank you so much J Sandeen you’re a man of your word.
    You might want to have a word to SBangs about how you conduct customer service and let him know action is way louder than words.

    As for the Ipad recording Issue. I dont think its a IoDock issue. Its Garage Band has some sort of weird noise in back ground.

    This is on Ipad using the Apogee Jam as well.
    And also on Garage band on the Iphone.

    So Alesis can do nothing about this and I understand. It sucks but hopefully they will work on it and Heat from Alesis would be a great help.
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