Is Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0 FX still compatible with Logic Pro X?

Hello, I've been trying to connect the above-mentioned Alesis mixer to Logic on iMac but it doesn't register as an audio input, however the separate Alesis USB interface (from Applications) says it is connected. I can't remember the exact purchase date but the mixer is a few years old, however still in perfect working order and processes sound through mics fine as I can hear when I plug headphones in directly.
I have downloaded the most recent driver from Alesis website (3.3.3) but this has had no effect; updated the Mac OS through 10.13 and 10.14; downloaded and installed updates for Logic and rebooted plug-ins; checked audio inputs in Logic preferences; gone into Applications -> Utilities -> Audio Midi Setup but it doesn't seem to register there either.
Has this happened to anyone else, and if so did you find a solution? Any info would be very much appreciated! At this point I feel like it has now just become incompatible, either through lack of integration from Logic Pro X or with Alesis software. Apologies for the long post, thanks in advance!
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