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Is DM10 X phased out?

About a month ago I purchased the DM10 X Mesh kit and really like the kit and I managed to grab some decent sounds to build my own kits from the Gretsch tom's + Ludwig '60's snare and vintage 16" floor tom that I'm fairly happy with now. Where I'm struggling is with cymbal sounds and finally got my ride to sound right but the two crash cymbals I'm experimenting with different sounds and just not quite there yet.

After I looked through some of the discussions, it appears that many are suggesting the Strike, Forge and others are sort of the next-gen kits, the electronics sure seem more contemporary but I'm wondering whether any further updates will be made to the DM10 module or if I'm just stuck with what I have and 2-3 year old firmware/software updates.

I would like to add my own sounds from another app and thought I'd be able to do that but I'm finding that's not possible either... its not what I expected at least.

Is there a possible trade-up path from the DM10 module to another module that would give me more capability?
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